Welcome to my whirlwind life

I started this blog because I want to share my life, struggles, joys and ideas with others interested in advancing mental health awareness. I am a married mother of two boys and one stepdaughter. I’m also bipolar. My daily life is sometimes overshadowed by my illness, other times I go for long stretches without a single hiccup.

I speak candidly about my condition because I believe it’s important to dispel the myths and stigmas of living with a mental illness. We do not live our lives in straight jackets or mental wards. We are out among the masses. We are friends, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers.

I am a protective and gentle mommy and passionate wife. I live everyday for my children and husband, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do enjoy taking time for myself too. I’m naturally an introvert so its rejuvenating for me.

My condition is well-controlled by medication and I’m religious about taking it. Of course I long to live with as few episodes as possible; but the main motivation behind taking them everyday is because I want to remain healthy for my family. I believe this is a goal for almost every bipolar individual. Tracking your moods is an important part of controlling this sometimes overwhelming disease. I use eMoods app. If you never seen it, check it out.

I will openly share my many ups and downs here. Follow me and see what a bipolar mother experiences daily. If you have preconceived notions about mental illness or questions, this will be a great place to start better understanding the often vilified disorder.

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  1. So cool that you use a mood tracking app. I’ve never been very good at mood tracking. I’m impressed that you are parenting two sons and a step-daughter. Challenging job, even when not living with bipolar disorder.


    1. I’m not very good with the app on my own. I’ve found that if I set multiple alarms, I’m more likely to fill it out.

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      1. Great idea. I use my calendar app to remind me to take my meds.


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