Bipolar eyes: The windows to our minds

When I was first diagnosed with Bipolar, I’d look in the mirror often and seldom recognize the person staring back at me.


With my eyes glowing and big with delight, I would think myself flawless. There were days, too, when I’d look at those same eyes which had been wild with life and find some dull dead version in their place.

Or worse yet, sometimes I would find dark sinister eyes peering back at me from what I knew was a dangerous place.

When I read an article on “Bipolar Eyes” for the first time, I will admit that mine rolled. I thought what another ludicrous way to stereotype us …

But then, as with most things we try to shield ourselves from, I had to see it for myself. If you’ve never heard of Bipolar or Mania Eyes, it is a real thing and it can help you know when a shift is coming. I dug through a few old photos of myself that I knew coincided with my own swings. The proof was there staring right back at me.

What an intriguing thing science is. My blue eyes overlaid with a sunburst pattern were changed so easily by such a strange illness … sometimes the change is so intense that my eyes seesaw between blue and gray.

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