On the heels of World Mental Health Day, people still just don’t get it

Search “Bipolar” on Google. No really, go ahead, I’ll wait. What alternate questions did you find at the bottom?

I found “can people with Bipolar be trusted”, “do Bipolar people know right from wrong?” You get the idea. Let me clear the air. The answers are yes and yes.

These questions pop up because they are among the most common online inquiries about our disorder. Bloggers have written thousands of entries on the topic. They are out there for anyone to read. Why are they, and probably this one too, ignored?

Here’s my theory: First, they don’t affirm the stereotypes people envision. Readers aren’t looking for real answers. They want something that agrees with their way of thinking. They are seeking affirmation of the beliefs. The second part is that, by in large, most of these answers are written by people with Bipolar. Our opinions are written off. Remember, “bipolar people can’t be trusted”.


Even on the heels of World Mental Health Day, the masses still don’t get it. They still use our illness as an adjective. Bipolar isn’t something you exhibit whenever you feel like it. There’s no off and on switch. Those who don’t have it will never understand. I seriously doubt they could handle even one day of our emotional overload. We are strong; strong enough to fight. Everyday we are above ground is a tremendous victory.

I’m going to leave you with examples of a few people who still just don’t get it.

I usually blog strictly from my own perspective, but this is a CALL TO ACTION! If you’re so inclined, light their Twitter feeds up with our frustration for being trivialized., and our anger at being stigmatized.




Of course you know I can’t list them all here. The entry would be the longest in history, but you get the idea.

From the 1976 film Network, I say “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore”. You must open your windows and proclaim the same. 

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