They say that we are weak …

They say that we are cowards because they can not see the storm.

They whisper we are weak because they can not hear the wolves.

They scream for us to rise above it all but it’s their voice that makes us cower.

We share our truths and tear down our walls to give them a glimpse inside our minds.

Petrified of the monsters saw, they gather every truth, each shard of imperfection. Forming them into bullets, they take aim at our hearts.

We scarcely feel the sting because we’ve already turned away, inside ourselves we are focused and battling a more vicious foe.

They can not see our demons. And they will never know.

This came to me this morning while thinking of all those who battle mental illness alone in silence. It is not my usual writing style but it’s what manifested just the same. Make no mistake, we are warriors. We battle those who do not understand. We endure constant hurtful stigmas held by strangers, family and friends. You bear witness to those battles. But the hardest ones rage in our minds. When you think we are leaning on a crutch, hiding behind our illness, look closer. It is a sword you see. We no longer have the luxury of fighting the small public bouts. We have storms to rail against and wolves and demons to slay.

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