Let’s get personal: 10 things about this blogger you should know

I’ve resisted writing this so far because it wreaks of Facebook antics to me. You’ve seen those silly 25 Things About Me posts. Who has time to read that junk?

Then tonight I thought about the list from a different perspective. Ha! That’s one of the greatest things about us, our perspectives can change daily!

I decided to bite the bullet and do it because what I blog about is very personal and you read it because it’s personal to you too! So grab a glass of 🍷 and let’s get to personal together – unless you’ve taken your medication recently. In that case, a Diet Coke will do in a pinch. Ugh, focus! I’ve gotta get this out before I change my mind:

1) I freaking LOVE music 🎶. I don’t mean I like a good song now and then. I mean I listen to it constantly. Showering. Music. Cooking. Music. Driving. Music. Cleaning. Music. You get the idea. I love all types of music! My life is a soundtrack. My family can gauge my state of mind by my selections. Pandora is my best friend.

2) I am a hippie. If you would’ve asked me 10 years ago if I’d be married to a cop and have 3 children, I would have horse laughed in your face. I’ve been to music festivals more times and in more places than I can remember. I’ve danced to jam bands with nothing but daisies painted on my boobs and a patchwork skirt. I’ve danced in the rain, mud and blistering heat. I’ve still managed to retain my style, as evident by the peace sign adorning my front door and the tapestries on my walls. And, I might add, this was all before Bohemian style was adopted by hipsters.

3) I love gardening. You name it, if it’s green I can grow it. I have hundreds of bulbs, trees, flowers and shrubs. I clone them, sell them, eat them, decorate with them, etc. It satisfies me to my soul. There’s just something about watching something you’ve cared for grow.

4) I am a stepmother and it’s without a doubt the hardest job I’ve ever done. I love my stepdaughter like she’s my own and it’s hard to take a step back when it comes to making parental decisions for her. I have zero input when it comes to being her parent. It’s a hard pill to swallow and it took a good five years before I was able to see that my only function could be to love her. I’m good with that because she’s one of the easiest little girls to love.

5) I’m in love with my hypomania. We all know there is a spectrum when it comes to Bipolar Disorder. Here’s where I fall: my depressive states are short but severe. I’m an extreme perfectionist which led me during my last episode to write my own obituary. Morbid, right? If you know me, not really. The last thing I want is someone else to write it and totally screw it up. Hypomanic states are more my style. I’ve been know to go on long binges of creativity. I will stay up all night painting and writing. Hence the hippie artwork everywhere. It drives my poor Republican husband crazy. Of course Hypomania has also been the ringleader in some of my greatest sideshows and serious blunders. Think Marriage #1 and Marriage #2. As soon as the mania started to wear thin with me so did they.

6) I’ve always attached my identity with my profession. I’m a real deal Jill of All Trades. I was a superstar ⭐️ salesperson. I can sell ice to Eskimos, or so everyone tells me. From skin care to timeshare, I’ve sold it all, and LOTS of it. My passion for writing comes from my background as a journalist. I adored that job more than any I’ve had and it broke my heart to leave it. I was an assistant news editor at a daily newspaper and that meant very late nights. When my first son was born it was no longer an option. I’ve also worked as a makeup artist and trainer for Elizabeth Arden.

6) My first children’s book is being illustrated as we speak. I’m elated that I finally found my way back to writing. I wrote it about police families from the perspective of the children. It sat in a filing cabinet for over two years before my husband insisted I finish it. The manuscript is complete and the copyright has been processed. It’s being illustrated now by a retired police officer and owner of Geneva Art Galley in Knoxville, TN.

7) I’m a closet comic book nerd. Marvel till I die! It nearly killed me when I had to decorate my youngest son’s room in DC’s poster boy Batman. I love Marvel so much, there’s no room in my heart for DC comics. A Deadpool, Daredevil, Punisher or Wolverine room would have been so much cooler.

8) I’m a sucker for a good book. I love nonfiction and DIY books. My guilty pleasure is Anne Rice’s fictional world of vampires and all other creatures of the night. My idea of the perfect day includes a cozy blanket, a blazing fire in the fireplace and one of her books. If I’m feeling irritable this usually hits my reset button.

9) I’m an introvert and almost always cancel or come close to it when it comes to going out and being social. The older I’ve gotten, the less plans I’ve bothered to make. Going out usually gives me anxiety and that’s not a feeling I’m fond of.

10) I’m secretly scared to death that I’ve passed Bipolar Disorder to my sons. I’m on constant high alert for warning signs. I know it’s hereditary. It’s not that they can’t have a good life if they have it but it would certainly make it easier on them if they didn’t.

Phew, I think that’s enough for tonight. Now that you know more about me, share an interesting thing or two about yourself. It’s always intriguing to know your audience and I’m genuinely interested to know you all.Now when you read a blog on this page, you know exactly who’s talking to you and where I’m coming from. It doesn’t get more personal than that.

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  1. Seems like we are total opposites in the comic book section at least. ☺️


    1. Ah, that’s ok. Batman has kinda grown on me a little. 🦇

      Liked by 1 person

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